Scientific Sessions

  1. Advances in Crop disease management for quality food production
  2. Application of Nanotechnology in pest and disease management
  3. Application of Biopesticides for the management of vector-borne diseases
  4. Application of entomopathogenic nematodes in IPM
  5. Behavioral and Biological Control of Stink Bugs
  6. Biopesticides in pest and disease management
  7. Biopesticides in IPM of fruit and vegetable production
  8. Emerging trends in biopesticides for weed control in Agriculture and Forestry
  9. GM crops and human health
  10. Importance of biopesticides in agriculture, food production, forestry and public health
  11. Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Tropical and Temperate Fruit crops
  12. Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Agriculture & Horticultural crops
  13. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and organic farming
  14. Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Greenhouse Crops
  15. IPM technology development and farmer participatory approaches
  16. Management of Useful Microorganisms in Tropical Soils
  17. Modelling/Forecasting of pests and diseases
  18. New and Emerging Pests and Diseases
  19. Pest and disease management in oil palm plantation
  20. Pest management in multiple cropping systems
  21. Pest management strategies in traditional agriculture
  22. Pesticide Risk Reduction Strategies
  23. Pests and Diseases of Sugar Crops and its management
  24. Phytochemicals and repellents against insect pests and diseases
  25. Phytoplasma Diseases of Economically important plant species
  26. Plant Protection in a Changing Climate
  27. Pollinator protection: The role of Integrated Pest and Disease management
  28. Post harvest and storage pest management
  29. Role of indigenous knowledge in Pest and Disease Management
  30. Soil-borne Pests and Pathogens
  31. Trends in Quality food production and marketing
  32. Sustainable Agriculture Development
  33. Modern Diagnostic Approaches in Detection of Pests & Pathogens